Have your Portrait Painted by Pricasso

          with a Video of it being painted

G, or PG   Rated Video -Single Faced Portrait       $199 us dollars

G, or Pg    Rrated Video -2 faces on one canvas   $249us dollars

R               Raited   Video  Single Face  Portrait    $249 us dollars

R.              Rated  Video -2 faces on one canvas   $299 us  dollars

18+X          Rated  Video  Single faced portrait       $299 us  dollars

18+X          Rated  Video -2 faces on one canvas   $349 us  dollars

Postage & packing World wide  $39us dollars

                     G,   PG,  R , OR  18+X

G.       Tastful shots as allowed on TV, no penis shots.

PG,     Showing the process of penis painting with close up                   flaccid  shots from all angles

R        Ranchy invasive showing erect penis from time to time but in        an amusing way,

18+X.  Shock your friends, for private viewing anything you                      want to embarrass requests encouraged.


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