I charge USD$300 for a single faced portrait Painted on canvas 19 inch by 24 inches  ( 50cm by  60 cm ) and the videos  on USB, of it being painted one full length and one 3 minute edited version.plus $50 Express  international shipping , as I live in Australia 

 A double faced portrait is $50 more USD $350 plus $50 Express  international  shipping .


Canvas size

 19 inches by 24 inches               (50cm by 60 cm)  shipping $50.USD             sent Auspost  express  

 30 inches by 24 inches.              (75cm by. 60 cm) shipping  $50  USD           sent Auspost  express


 40 inches by 30 inches               (100 cm  by 75 cm.)  shipping varies.            sent courier,

                                                                                                                                           Pack & Send         

                                                                                                                                    around $200 USD


             Please choose one of the descriptions below for the video classification. 


PG   showing the penis painting process with the genitals shown from all angles, close up artistically filmed 


R    Showing the penis painting ,  with lots of erections filmed for shock value (soft porn)  (extra $100)


Anything els considered please advise 


If you still want to continue Please send me a photo and  i will send you a Paypal request

Cheers Tim 

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