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 One of my earliest memories is standing in front of a full length mirror naked in the bathroom of my parents house it was in England.

The house was always warm as my Mother was an Australian, and the one thing she valued utmost was a comfortable lifestyle.

At the expense of frivolous things like bath toys I usually took a bath with my Sister we would be hight spirited and play with the hand made toys as I said my mother was frugal on some things so we collected anything that looked useful the soap container made a great boat the face flannel if you let it fall down on the bath water in a certain way it would trap air inside and make a sort of floating bubble that had to be squashed , and when my willy would stand straight out sometimes I could hang the face flannel on it.

Back then I was standing in front of the mirror and wondering why we have to ware cloths, even at that young age I could see I had a well proportioned body and wanted so much to show it off to everyone , but was at the same time a very shy Boy, and my fair completion would give me away every time I was feeling stressed as I would blush at the slightest sign that someone wanted to single me out for recognition.

So I knew going around naked would never happen, but I was secretly very proud of my good fortune and took every opportunity to be naked.

When my mother was not around I would always subconsciously or maybe not, hold onto my penis which was always a source of security, and even at a young age it was enjoyable.

I would stand there twisting around and looking at my bum which I knew was a lot nicer than most of my friends bums, not quite sure how I drew that comparison living in cold old England but it must have had something to do with the freedom and warmth I felt on my first visit to Australia which stayed with me forever.

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