10 TO 15 minute Portraits painted at shows and parties  



Since 2004 Pricasso has stunned Audiences all over the world painting portraits using only his penis as a brush.Many established Artists have commented on the speed accuracy and the unique way Pricasso can paint. Astute buyers have expressed the opinion that Pricasso's paintings will see an incrededible appreciation in value due to the use of video as proof of authenticity.

 2+3+4+5 April  paintingat  at The Love Sex Expo Johannesburg 


1+2+3. May.  Painting at                 Expo erotica UK 




     Have your Portrait Painted by Pricasso

          with a Video of it being painted

G, or PG   Rated Video -Single Faced Portrait       $199 us dollars

G, or Pg    Rrated Video -2 faces on one canvas   $249us dollars

R               Raited   Video  Single Face  Portrait    $249 us dollars

R.              Rated  Video -2 faces on one canvas  $299 us dollars

18+X          Rated  Video  Single faced portrait     $299 us  dollars

18+X          Rated  Video -2 faces on one canvas  $349 us dollars


Postage & packing World wide  $39us dollars

                     G,   PG,  R , OR  18+X

G.       Tastful shots as allowed on TV, with no penis shots.

PG,     Showing the process of penis painting with close up of                my  flaccid penis from all angles

R        Raunchy invasive showing my erect penis from time to                 time but  in  an amusing way, (extra $50)

18+X.  Shock your friends, mainly for private viewing anything               you want to embarrass them, all requests considered 

                                            ( extra $100)



               email me a photo and ill send you a Paypal request