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5 minute Portraits painted at shows and parties  

There are millions of artists in the world but only a few paint with a penis.
Pricasso was the first and still the best.  
Email for private commisions & bookings:


Since 2004 Pricasso has stunned audiences all over the world painting portraits using only his penis as a brush. Many established Artists have commented on the speed,  accuracy and the unique way Pricasso can paint. Astute buyers have expressed the opinion that Pricasso's paintings will see an incredible appreciation in value due to the use of video as proof of authenticity.


Swedens got talent 

Australia's Got Talent 

Australia's got talent 

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 10.00.32 am.jpeg

Although I got 4 yeses the ACMA didn't let             me continue to the next round 

Pants on fire 



I charge USD$350 for a single faced portrait Painted on canvas 19 inch by 24 inches  ( 50cm by  60 cm ) and the videos  on USB, of it being painted one full length and one 3 minute edited version. plus $50 Express  international shipping , as I live in Australia 

A double faced portrait is $50 more $400 USD

plus $50 Express  international  shipping .


Canvas size's

 19 inches by 24 inches  (50cm by 60 cm)  Packing & shipping $50.USD      sent Auspost  express  

 30 inches by 24 inches (75cm by. 60 cm) Packing & shipping  $80  USD    sent Auspost  express


 40 inches by 30 inches        (100 cm  by 75 cm.)  Packing & shipping            sent courier,

                           (example)  $350 +packing and shipping $250 UDS Total.      $600     

 Please choose one of the descriptions for the video classification. 


 GN (Genital nudity) Showing the penis painting process with the genitals shown from all angles, close up artistically and amusingly filmed 


R rated (extra $50 ). a few erections just for fun 


R XXX  (extra $100) Showing the penis painting ,  with lots of erections filmed for shock value soft porn. 

please advise special requests **

If you still want to continue Please send me a photo and  i will send you a Paypal me at







If you are in Australia visit me at my Studio
165 Freemans road Lower Beechmont Queensland I will  paint for anyone who visits at BARGAN  prices as it is much easier and more fun painting live, please phone first to make sure im at home 
you CAN take the video or photos. or just  say g'day and watch me paint look around and relax on my back veranda and take in the stunning views. bring your friends food and drink ill fire up the Barbecue I can paint all of you call my mobile 0417 461 031  or my email address


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